High quality

which was confirmed by the recived ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.

Innovative solutions

which satisfy your needs by a creative and innovative approach.

Company Mission

Burgar-teh d.o.o.

We want to participate with our customers in developing new products as a partner and long-term supplier. Our vision is to implement our knowledge, experiences and flexibility into technologically demanding products and tools needed for their production.

The key success factors of the company are:

  • quality of products,
  • quick response time,
  • adaptation to clients’ needs,
  • adherence to delivery schedules,
  • reasonable pricing.

This factors are our guarantee for long-term cooperation and high level satisfaction of our customers, which include also large companies such as Bosch Rexroth, Heidenhain and Wittenstein.

Tomaž Burgar
CEO of company BURGAR-TEH d.o.o.


We are a successful company employing highly motivated stuff and using innovative approaches.


Our main challenge is to enlarge the coil fill-factor.


We use high-class materials from best manufacturers.


We make products according to your request, specification and constructional drawing.

We satisfy your needs: high quality, on time delivery, solutions for special requirements and needs.

ISO certificate

We acquired the first certificate of quality in 2010 by the SIQ.

Since then we annual perform internal and external audits and renew the certificate regularly.

We aim for high quality products and the never-ending improvement of the production process, which was confirmed by the recived ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.

We fulfill given promises, scheduled terms and adjust the way of delivery to our costumers.

Delivery types:

  • delivery by arrangement
  • just-in-time
  • kan-ban
  • consignment stock

To satisfy your needs our approach is creative and innovative. We suggest solutions and optimize the production process with the aim of creating a true added value of the product.



Our production facility is equipped with modern winding machines for small or large series of products. We are able to wind the coils in sizes ranging from 1.00 to 600.00 mm, with a wire thickness of 0.02 mm all the way to the profiled wires 15 x 3 mm. The coils can be winded in different shapes.

Part of our production is specialized in winding air core connected coils with a large fill-factor for electric motors. The products themselves can be installed in the stators, vacuum impregnated with a polyester resin, encapsulated in thermoplastic materials or treated anyhow according to the requirements of customers. The entire production process includes also other steps like potting soldering and of course the final product control.